About Lorenzo Swank

Lorenzo Swank helps companies and organizations live on the cutting edge of innovation. Lorenzo helps companies identify and use technologies that are beginning to mature, seizing the all-important first-mover advantage to grow their business and capture the hearts and imaginations of their customers and employees.

Lorenzo Swank is a serial entrepreneur, having been on the founding team of several businesses: Zaapp, Pixio, MEP Technologies, Urbane, and Malang Studio. He specializes in work that connects the Western World with Asia. His clients have come from a number of fields, including healthcare, logistics and supply chain, sports and fitness (including Olympic organizations), and a variety of startups.

Lorenzo is also a programmer who has made contributions to the open source world. He brought the ever popular Nocturne back to life as Tranquility, covered by news outlets such as CNet, Lifehacker, and Engadget.

Lorenzo graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering and was a researcher at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. There he was a member of the Data Analysis Group and was responsible for helping hospitals and corporations visualize their data in a way that unlocked useful insights hiding in the data.

Lorenzo is currently an advisor and mentor at the Seoul Global Startup Center. He is a regular speaker at global startup events. Lorenzo is a member of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch and the Korea Society. Previously, he was a member of the 41st Korean Student Association Steering Committee at the University of Utah, and Vice President of the University of Utah International Student Association. He is the only natural born citizen of the United States to have held either post.

Lorenzo uses the word “home” to describe both Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States, and Seoul, South Korea.